Apply to Join the Psycho-Oncology Research Program

The mission of the Psycho-Oncology Research Program is to improve quality of life by anticipating, preventing, and alleviating the emotional and physical burden of cancer. Please review recent publications to understand the content of our specific studies. Lab values include hard work, efficiency, courage, future-mindedness, and commitment. We are steadily expanding, so if you are interested in conducting psycho-oncology research, please apply to join our lab. Please note that students interested in pediatrics, neuroscience, or non-research careers should identify other departmental faculty.

  • Applicants to the PhD Program:

    This cycle, Dr. Hoerger is accepting Health Psychology PhD students who are committed to research-intensive careers emphasizing palliative care, palliative psychology, or psycho-oncology. Apply by November 30, 2023. The admissions system typically opens in late August. Learn More...
  • Current Tulane Students:

    Current Tulane students interested in joining the lab should complete an application and email it to Dr. Hoerger. Note that the standard deadlines are August 10 for the fall, November 30 for the spring, and March 31 for the summer. Undergraduates are expected to devote at least 10 hours/week for course credit (e.g., 2 credits). Graduate and medical students should develop an individualized plan with Dr. Hoerger; the deadlines and obligations are negotiable, but a consistent commitment is expected. All lab members must attend weekly lab meetings during the fall and spring semesters. Paid opportunities become available with experience. Our research assistants gain mentorship and skills that enable them to present at research conferences, publish, earn competitive research funding, and advance to highly-competitive future opportunities, including fellowships, employment, and admission to PhD, MD, and other advanced degree programs. Selection is highly competitive, so applicants are encouraged to apply to multiple labs simultaneously.

Student Authored/Co-Authored Publications
Students in the lab have produced >25 publications as lead author or co-author under Dr. Hoerger's direct mentorship. Publications ensure that our research benefits society, support future research grant funding opportunities, and substantially enhance the training, career, and financial opportunities of those involved.

Recent Student-led Conference Posters and Presentations
Students have presented >25 conference presentations and posters, usually 4-5 per year. We train students in the knowledge and skills needed to present, encourage conference submissions after a semester involved in the lab, and help secure funding to attend. Conference presentations and posters push forward project activities and document students' accomplishments on CVs and resumes. We have lab-specific evidence showing that conference output predicts acceptance into PhD, MD, and other graduate degree programs.