Recent News Coverage of the Psycho-Oncology Research Program

  • NIH Internship:
    Mr. Rogers completed an undergraduate research internship at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Neuro-Oncology Branch studying rare cancers, covered by NewWave (8/22/17)
  • Project EMPOWER:
    Dr. Hoerger and Ms. Perry's research found that informed patients are less afraid and more likely to seek palliative care. Findings were covered by New Wave (3/13/17), Oncology Nursing News (4/11/17), Inroads (4/11/17), Healio (4/12/17), the Center to Advance Palliative Care (4/14/17), OncLive (7/3/17)
  • The VOICE Study:
    Dr. Hoerger's research with the University of Rochester and UC Davis on an intervention to improve communication among oncologists, patients, and caregivers was covered in a JAMA Editorial (7/14/16), with continuing reporting from the United Press International (9/9/16) and Medscape (3/2/17)
  • Visiting Scholar:
    Dr. Hoerger's Visiting Scholar experience conducting research on palliative cancer care at Massachusetts General Hospital at the Harvard School of Medicine received attention from the Psychology Times (6/20/16)
  • Personality and Healthcare Utilization:
    Ms. Barkan's research from our lab on personality and health service utilization triggered a JACM press release (5/3/16)